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Has the ‘UX mindset’ come of age?

Abhijit Thosar has worn many hats in his lifetime. Before dabbling in multiple design roles that led him to spearhead the product strategy and design vertical at VMWare, Abhijit had a successful strategy consulting stint at Cognizant. So what urged him to make the career switch? Tune in to this edition of #TechTalk Tuesdays to hear Abhijit talk about his professional trials and tribulations in the backdrop of the evolving design industry with our host Neha Malhotra.

The importance of networking

The importance of networking in professional success cannot be undermined. But how can you leverage the true potential of the social skill if you’re not an extrovert? Abhijit Thosar, Product Strategy and Design Leader at VMWare, speaks about the art of nurturing the weak links in your professional network with our host Neha Malhotra.

How will the design landscape change in the next 5 years?

Bullish on design? You’re not the only one. Abhijit Thosar, Product Strategy and Design Leader at VMWare believes that the design voice will not only be amplified in the organizational structure going forward, it will play a central role in shaping product strategy. Catch this conversation between our host Neha Malhotra and Abhijit Thosar, Product Strategy and Design Leader at VMWare, as they discuss the future of design in the next five years.

What are recruiters looking for while interviewing designers?

Interviewing for a UX designer’s role? Make sure you have a solid use case in your portfolio that illuminates your design thought-process. Use the portfolio to demonstrate your problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. Omid Jesmi, UX manager at Capgemini sheds some light on the hiring process at design firms in this candid chat with our #TechTalk Tuesdays host, Hanita Chalabi.

Advice for professionals preparing for a design interview

If Preparing for a design interview? Here are a few pro-tips:

  1. Research the company culture and core-values on Glassdoor.
  2. Take a few practice tests for the live problem-solving design test. (Look for whiteboard questions online.)
  3. Ask compelling questions to the panel post-interview.

Watch this edition of TechTalk Tuesdays with our host, Hanita Chalabi featuring Omid Jesmi who shares a few tricks to ‘Ace the design interview’.

The importance of continuous learning

Looking back at an illustrious career in design, Omid Jesmi highlights the importance of pursuing a continuous learning curve. Read books, learn from your peers, sign up for courses and scour the internet for new information- that’s the key to staying ahead in the field of design.

Overcoming career uncertainties

Nowadays, UX is not an add-on in the business strategy, it is a culture. However, this wasn’t always the case. Laying the groundwork for the emerging industry took significant time and effort. Omid Jesmi, UX Manager at Capgemini recounts experiences and challenges encountered in the early stages of establishing the design process..

Growing a UX career

If you fail to plan, you’re planning for failure’. Having a career plan, setting concrete milestones, and charting the path for achieving those goals are critical ingredients of long-term career success. Plan for the day, week, month, year, and the upcoming decade if you really wish to scale phenomenal professional heights. Watch Omid Jesmi- UX Manager at Capgemini discuss the importance of meticulous career planning with our host Hanita Chalabi on this segment of #TechtalkTuesdays.

What tools should designers be learning today?

Keynotes, Powerpoint, Omnigraph, Sketch, or Figma? If you’re starting out as a UX designer, which tools should you aim to master? Omid Jesmi – UX manager at Capgemini, believes that tools are secondary to the skillset; to become an exemplary UX designer, you must understand the core principles of design, practice the basics and hone your vision day after day. Tune in to this interesting excerpt between Omid and our host Hanita Chalabi to get a sneak peek into the underlying requisites of the design workplace on this segment of #TechtalkTuesdays.

Finding the right mentor.

Finding the right mentor can help you unravel potential previously hidden from your own eyes. On this edition of Throughline Thursdays, Lisa Buchanan, Director of Operations and Chief of Staff, eBay, and Neha Malhotra (she/her) share notes on the importance of finding good mentors throughout your career journey and helping them help you succeed.

How to approach risk taking in your professional journey?

Some failure is inevitable, but it is better to try and fail than to not try at all. Join us with Lisa Buchanan, Director of Operations and Chief of Staff, eBay, as she talks about the risks she took in her career and how they panned out for her.

Diversity is not a PR Crisis!

As part of our BayOne #TechtalkTuesdays, we discuss with diversity champion Henry Childs II, BayOne’s Advisor, our host Hanita Chalabi, and author and reinvention coach Gaurav Rastogi about diversity in tech firms, the need for Diversity and Inclusion to be higher on the list of organizational priorities, and the questions organizations need to ask themselves right now.

What’s really behind the issue of Diversity in Tech

As part of our BayOne #TechtalkTuesdays, we discuss with diversity champion Henry Childs II, BayOne’s Advisor, our host Hanita Chalabi, and author and reinvention coach Gaurav Rastogi about the issues that firms face with implementing a diverse workforce including inability to find the right talent and the issue with incremental growth.