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How to Network During a Lockdown

COVID-19 has led to a lot of things. Businesses are draining, economies are sinking, and people are working from home!. It feels odd and unnatural if you’re a workaholic who survives on the office regime, but for others, this just might be a refreshing change.

During times like these, when entire countries are under lockdown, networking becomes a real challenge. Networking is no joke and if you are running or working for a company, you are aware of the effort that it takes. You need to constantly up your game, build your contacts, find a client base, so on and so forth.

The comfort of a home can be very tempting but can also put up obstacles, especially in these uncertain times. But, not all hope is lost. With the Internet Revolution having started in the last century, here are some ways to keep your networking game strong during these times of crisis:

  1. LinkedIn for professional networking

We are all aware of the powers LinkedIn holds for professionals. Especially if you are just beginning – it is of utmost importance to have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is surely one of the foremost ways of building a strong professional network.  No wonder LinkedIn is the largest professional networking community!

Being active and up-to-date on LinkedIn will help you expand your network, digitally market products and services, publish thoughts and share them within a group, and a lot more!

Cutting to the chase, for individuals seeking networking opportunities, LinkedIn is the place. You may reach out to a multitude of companies and professionals, seek advice, advertise your services, and connect with a community your thoughts resonate with.

The COVID outbreak is painful and tragic alright, but this sounds like the best time to sit in bed and scroll through potential job/business opportunities.

  1. Stack Overflow for coding geeks

Brought to life in 2008 by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky, Stack Overflow has been leading the board for years now. Famous for the space it offers to computer geeks and programmers to hold discussions and have their queries answered, it is one of the most sought after platforms for geniuses. And rightly so! Did you know that it was the flagship website of the Stack Exchange Network?! That just bleeds opportunities from all sides!

The membership and the fraternity are extremely active and for beginners in the field, it is a revered space that must be utilized for all it has to offer. From question and answer forums, solution focussed support, a building community and tons of scope of learning – StackOverflow is awesome, to say the least. Pandemic or not, one must certainly attempt to grow as a business and as an individual using the available resources, and this happens to be a good one.

  1. Reddit for the Win!

This is the golden era of growth for small businesses and communities that have been ignored by big ones so far. Entrepreneurs on Reddit would agree – really, there are threads about it!

  • NetSec subreddit for information security-related mumbo-jumbo and talks.
  • SysAdmin subreddit for system administration related discussions.
  • Apple subreddit for well, pretty much everything from news and rumors to consumer discussions.

Reddit is a platform to share a question and answer forum, speak of businesses, explore various entrepreneurship opportunities and network with potential employers and recruits. It is not the first website that comes to mind because of the lurking filth that has free access, but it still continues to be one of the topmost spaces to network and grow. With the voting system in place, the content you create and share proves to be of great value if you are an entrepreneur. Now that we have everyone stuck to their PCs due to the pandemic, it might be a good time to begin doing that (sharing content, not the creepiness.)

  1. GitHub Is a Great Hub

From creating great projects to storing it – every software developer knows that GitHub is a major part of the process. One of the largest coding and cloud sourcing repositories, GitHub is awesome for creators who want to work their magic on projects and then showcase them to the world. If you’re a developer or a business trying to make it big, now is the best time to take that shot. Did you know that Git was designed by Linus? Yep, the guy who created LINUX. Github is great because it helps organizations and people maintain their source code, with a centralizing source coding system.

In short, get on Github with your project and show them what you got!

  1. Webinars are better than seminars!

Well, attending conferences and business conclaves is out of the question. So, why not make the shift to webinars? Webinars are awesome as they offer video conferencing as a way to not only learn and connect, they help to build networks and giving new businesses and ideas a platform. Webinars, like the ones conducted on Zoom, let participants gain CPD hours and add more experience to their professional development. For people delivering these webinars, imagine a business conclave or a project being marketed wholly online.

Times may be challenging and it is difficult to pass around tangible visiting cards to potential businesses. However, love in the time of cholera, folks! The outbreak is tragic and the effects are very real. Sustaining oneself professionally when companies are laying off employees and turning policies to facilitate a work-from-home culture is daunting and exhausting. With the future bleak and the uncertainty high, we believe it is highly important to continue investing in your professional development and growth. So, stay smart, stay healthy and get back to your laptops to network!

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