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Leveraging Big Data and AI Solutions to add value to your business

BayOne is proud to offer this   1-day executive training seminar for senior leadership
Historically, most decisions made by an organization were the result of domain knowledge and intuitive understanding by senior executives. Modern businesses are much more complex and exhibit levels of uncertainty previously unseen. As such, adopting a data-driven process is critical to the success of a modern business, as it allows stakeholders to make scientifically-supported decisions rather than relying solely on domain expertise or intuition.
Having the ability to process and analyze massive amounts of data to support or contradict intuition, or to unearth new insights, is invaluable. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms and advanced Data Science is becoming a key differentiator for many organizations. For example, Data Science can be used to identify characteristics of customers that generate maximum revenue; when assets will fail; and which investments result in the most ROI. These are business-critical problems, and learning from data is more reliable and accurate than traditional heuristic-based or statistical approaches.
Course objectives:
The goal of this seminar is to demystify the subject of Big Data & AI and provide strategic insight. This one-day program is designed exclusively for tech executives and business leaders and will provide a good foundation for Data Science success in the organization by covering questions such as:
  • How will my organization benefit from Big Data, AI & Deep Learning?
  • What new products, solutions, services, and processes can we create to revolutionize our business and performance?
  • How do I democratize these new technologies?
  • How do I build an internal center of excellence and/or properly vet and interact with external partners?
  • How do I minimize organizational friction and maximize utility while instituting these disruptive innovations?
Topics include:
  • What is Data Science and why is it important?
  • Understanding Data Collection from Internal and External Sources
  • Understanding Data Analysis to generate Business Insights
  • Understanding Visualization and Articulation of results 
  • Deep Thinking - Using AI & Deep Learning as new and improved methods for problem solving
  • Deep Learning for Decision Makers - Practical applications of AI & Deep Learning for things such as better understanding your customers, optimizing your supply chain, maximizing your workforce, and ascertaining hidden connections and insights within your organization.
  • Deep Strategy - Learn a suite of frameworks and garner valuable insights to effectively design a step-by-step blueprint that enables your organization to effectively embrace AI & Deep Learning. You will also learn to minimize risks and maximize value.
We can further customize the content depending on the specific technical/business needs of the leadership team attending the seminar.
Training Faculty

BayOne Solutions has partnered with the International School of Engineering (INSOFE) to launch this Data Science education program on the West Coast. Our distinguished faculty includes PhDs from Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, UPenn, and UIUC, among others. CIO magazine has ranked this Data Science program second on its latest international list published a few months ago:

Our faculty/SMEs have worked extensively in the industry, providing Data Science solutions to companies like Target, Flipkart, Express, Rakuten and Abercrombie & Fitch. We can prepare the complete blueprint for implementing Deep Learning algorithms in your organization, determining where and how to start and identify gaps. Our SMEs will work with you and guide you through the implementation phase.



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