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BayOne will help you hire the right candidate with its full range of staffing solutions. We understand that human capital is a company’s most important investment, and that the price of hiring a wrong applicant can be steep. With our affordable services we take care of the time-consuming and challenging job of recruiting and head hunting skilled talent with ease.

Our recruiters have at least 10 years of experience with domain experience to provide qualified candidates within 48 hours. First, the open position is advertised in markets that attract the best and brightest candidates. In addition, complete comprehensive screening of all potential employees is taken care of. We will perform background checks, drug screens, skill testing and much more based upon what the recruiter demands.

In the always-evolving world of technology, finding the right professionals can be complex. Let BayOne use its insight, knowledge and global resources to help you navigate this complex world and make exceptional connections with premium talent.

Staffing services portfolio

Direct Hire

Need help finding the right candidate? BayOne’s ‘Direct Hire Service’ is at your service! Commonly known as “head-hunting”, this process usually requires more extensive work in the up-front sourcing process. Often desired candidates are employed and not actively looking for a new position. Convincing these passive candidates takes more work, almost like hunting the right prey, hence the term “head hunting”. Once the right candidate is selected, BayOne assists you in salary and benefits negotiations and mitigates the all too prevalent “back-out” factor resulting from a counter-offer from the candidate’s current employer. Skilled in negotiating these minefields, BayOne assists you in closing the deal and getting the employee you want. A one-time fee is charged for this service, payable after the employee has joined the new job.


‘Temp’ is a common abbreviation or colloquial expression for ‘temporary worker.’ Many companies hire a temp worker for 3 to 6 months or more and then bring them on as a permanent employee after they have thoroughly proven themselves. Some companies think of this type of arrangement as a really long job interview! This system is pretty flexible as well. If one temp doesn’t work out, BayOne will replace him or her at no additional cost to the company. Also the recruiting company can keep the employee on temporary status for few or many months, depending on the performance of the temp, and get the best of both worlds.


A viable solution for non-core staff, BayOne provides contract employees who have the know-how for your business needs. A contract employee works at the recruiter’s facility and is supervised on a day-to-day basis by the company’s staff. In today’s outsourcing business models, many jobs that require a special skill-set not privy to the usual employees are often performed by a contract employee. For example, companies today use contract employees to augment their core staff in functions such as engineering, design, administrative, IT and even sales.

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