BayOne Solutions, Inc. is seeking a qualified professional to fill the position of Business Development Engineer based in Pleasanton, California.

Responsibilities include:

  • Interacting with Client managers, directors and Vice Presidents to understand Client's technology roadmap and propose solutions to fill the technical gaps in the area of Mobile Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning(NLP), Web Development, DevOps, Big Data(NoSQL)
  • Interact with software development team of client and propose efficient coding methodologies
  • Participate in project discussions to understand skills gap in technical skills at client site
  • Work with internal engineering team to propose a prototype design to accomplish technical challenges at client site
  • Partner with sales team as a technical voice for conversation with C level executives and technology managers
  • Generate technology consulting opportunities in the areas of Robotic Process Automation(RPA), Augmented Realty(AR), user experience design
  • Work with Security team to build stronger security audit process offering for Cloud
  • Assist in the implementation and maintenance of analytics tools (e.g., Adobe Analytics, Tag Management System (Tealium), and Adobe Target)
  • Work closely with Solution Architect and delivery team to build customized solutions pitches
  • Prepare and support client hiring manager during the interview process to ensure interviews are conducted efficiently and professionally
  • Identify and create coding exercise based on client's business and technical requirements
  • Support hiring managers in identifying interview evaluation criteria and competencies; establish a consistent and valid candidate assessment process Interface with hiring managers and candidates to negotiate and exchange information with all levels of management
  • Conduct competitive product analysis and market research to develop roadmap and sales strategy to secure new business.
  • Establish and maintain a customer relations management database.
  • Build technical white papers along with sales and technology teams in the area of
  • Web Development(Java) – Frontend, Backend and Fullstack
    Mobile(iOS and Android)
    Infrastructure and Cloud engineering
    Machine Learning
    Data Science((Deep Learning)
    Artificial Intelligence(Perception)
    Quality Engineering(Automation)

  • Interact with Technical Project Managers to understand their project plan, software methodologies and technologies needed for the project, hiring plan and define recruiting strategy, create a resource pool for technical skills needed by project manager in future months
  • Interact with Project Managers and technical architects to use BayOne's proprietary tools for better software coding standards
  • Follow up with Project Managers to ensure that resources in team are up to his/her expectations
  • Confirm all resources allocated to project are available
  • Identify and communicate internal project priorities (Scope, Quality, Time)
  • Write and communicate exit strategy addressing steps to take for failing projects and reduce client cost by introducing BayOne's subject matter experts for faster software delivery
  • Research, analyze, develop, maintain, and modify innovative information system solutions that model complex business processes while ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and maintainability
  • Establish long range objectives and specifying strategies and actions to achieve them.
  • Write stories and help keep the product backlog in logical work groupings and sequences based on business priority
  • Provide detailed technical assessment report for each qualified opportunity providing detailed assessment on their understanding of software development principles, Core skills, Software development methodologies, Release cycle and Quality engineering
  • Provide analytical report providing metrics for open technical positions in terms of their technical skills required and quality of technical talent available
  • Provide gap analysis report of missing technical skills in the team
  • Provide daily reports to upper management for open opportunities
  • Provide weekly report to upper management and client project managers on hiring status of open positions
  • Provide monthly reports to Client hiring manager and upper management on costing per hire and recommend improvement in process and suggest measures for cost reduction
  • Reports and completes analyses of KPIs and other key metrics
  • Create analytics dashboard for upper management
  • Keep the VP of Professional Services apprised of the latest developments in the industry.
  • Research and study new technologies, industry trend and new software programs for staffing the future projects
  • Conduct research as well as competitor analysis to define strategies that can help enable favorable outcomes
  • Analyze and propose strategy for staffing and consulting in newer technologies
  • Work with industry technical experts to create technical solutions on newer technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, AR and VR
  • Attend technical seminars on improving proposed solutions
  • Use the data to suggest minimum technical skills with data on candidates availability and training required
  • Research and provide recommendations to senior management for best practices
  • Prepare guidelines for hiring and recruitment practices based on the needs of the business, current practices, client needs.
  • Research and develop new and creative strategies for technology initiatives in the area of Mobile development and Robotic Process Automation
  • Develop and maintain relationship with professional organizations, universities and network with professionals in the Information Technology field
  • Develop plans to attract required skill sets that will ensure top talent is available to support company's objectives within the business units
  • Work with leadership and hiring managers to identify required skill competencies. Understand recruiting metrics as cost per hire, cycle time, etc.

Position requires Bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent degree in Computer Science, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Information Technology or a related field plus five (5) years of experience in a related occupation.

Send your resume to:
BayOne Solutions, Inc.
4637 Chabot Drive, Suite 250
Pleasanton, CA 94588


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